Sunday, November 7, 2010

progress update

Things seem to be moving along nicely.

We borrowed some scaffolding from a friend of Julie's, unfortunately we didn't have all the parts to make it quite high enough. We didn't discover this until it was already set up though, so we used it for a while. I set up a string forum which isn't completely necessary but always makes me feel better.

The next day we went into town and rented some scaffolding. Local potter, Bob stopped by just in time to help us set up the new scaffolding.

We've had quite a bit of help these last couple of days. Stewart came out for Friday and helped Julie work on the first chamber arch, before spending the last couple hours lifting bricks up to me on the scaffolding.

Elizabeth came out for the morning Saturday.
Wendy helped cut and shape bricks for Julie.
Spence spent an afternoon lifting bricks and mortar up to me.
Steve as well helped carrying bricks up to me. Its a nice shot of Steve, though for some reason the chimney looks like it's about to tip over. You'll have to take my word for it that the chimney is straight.

And of course Julie, who is putting in long hours getting her kiln together, and also getting pretty good at laying bricks.So that's where we are now.
The chimney is all done, though I think we will stucco the outside of it before we take down the scaffolding. We should be able to finish up the sidewalls to the second chamber and secondary firebox today. Monday we need to order a couple more arch brick before we can finish the first chamber arch, along with the arch brick we need some fiber before we fire the second chamber. Overall though things are looking to be on schedule to fire this coming weekend.


Michael Mahan said...

The progress looks good, Joe. Nice work. Where are you using soft brick?

ang said...

looking amazing joe!! ha the chimney warp is your camera lens :))

Joe and Christy said...

we are using soft brick in the side walls of both chambers, except "areas of abrasion" stoke holes, spy holes, ect. Julie would like to fire fairly quickly. The soft brick side walls will lower the amount of thermal mass that needs to be heated with each firing. Hopefully making the firings more efficient.
Ang, maybe it is the camera lens... though why does the chimney appear to bend into the scaffolding? I had to take a close look at the chimney this morning to make sure it really is straight.... it still is.

Pat said...

Great pictures - and progress! Being your mom, of course, the ones I look at most closely are the ones with pictures of you, Joe. :- > Glad it is going so well. With all those people helping, it sounds like it has some elements of fun, too.

ang said...

hehe... its the furthest point away from where you're taking the pic, its also taken from a low angle which increases the illusion...all of these things depend very much on the type of lens and its 'mm' rating, the fast snappy cameras tend to be quite 'wide angle'....if you look at the other scaffold images it's the same on those too..:)) freaky hey!