Monday, June 28, 2010

Time to fire the kiln

The pottery is really starting to fill up with pots in various stages of completion.

two piece pots awaiting their tops, along with some bowls and a jug

Despite our best efforts to stack bowls and plates vertically, our shelving is starting to get fairly congested as well.

Must be nearing our next firing!

A couple more photos of pots that Christy and I have been working on:

vases with red/white slip combo

A nice tray of Christy's also with red/white slip (sorry about the photo orientation)

A couple jars waiting for handles

I'll end with a quick word of warning. Although flannel sheets are great for the bed, I've recently learned they are less than ideal for drying clay. The sheets seems to get themselves fused to the dried material and after pulling them apart you end up with sheets that look like this:

And clay with added flannel.

Loading starts either Sunday or Monday. Firing will be Wednesday/Thursday.


FetishGhost said...

Looks like a great load!
Love the finger wipes through the white slip...

祐白祐白 said...
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daryl said...

Dont you wonder about that Chinese - or was it Japanese comment??? Great shots , interesting info, love the sheet!

Joe and Christy said...

the Chinese/Japanese comment was spam, it linked to what we'll call a "Asian girlie site". We get them quite frequently and always delete them. I'm not sure how to stop them from commenting.

Ron said...

Good tip on the flannel sheets. Love seeing all the pots esp the wet slippy ones.

Anonymous said...
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