Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lesson Learned

We decided to postpone our firing until July, mainly because a large custom order with a June deadline fell through. Although the organization had committed to work with us, seen our pots, our glazes, the custom stamps we made to their specifications, and prototypes of the pots they wanted, after they saw a prototype pot that we fired for them in the gas kiln, they decided they did not want pots from us. While we certainly do not want anyone to be disappointed in pots they get from us, we unfortunately ended up with this:

Fifty unusable stamped pots, twenty bisqued custom stamps, a wasted bisque and glaze test firing, and a week of work for naught. Lessons learned: don't bend over backwards to meet special requests and get a non-refundable deposit. Anyone need a stamp featuring the state of Wisconsin and a cow head?

In other news, Joe's dad Jim and his partner Sue visited us over the past week. Sue took some great photos:

The Panther Dash Bike Race--Joe is in there somewhere.

This picture does not do the climbs justice--they were brutal!

Jim and Joe mixed a batch of clay

Maggie Pie on the back porch

I'm off to Arrowmont today to take a week-long workshop with Joseph Pintz. Joe will be here holding down the fort, though, and making pots for the July "Wisconsin Woodlands" show at Kaleidoscope Gallery. We are excited to be part of that upcoming show, and will let you know more details when we have them!



DirtKicker Pottery said...

OUch! Bummer of a lesson.
Have an awesome time at your workshop.

Ron said...

Damn that's a drag. Yes, the non refundable deposit is a must. Oh, that makes me angry just seeing all that work. Well, enjoy your class w. JP. I bet it will be great.

Linda Starr said...

So sorry about that, can you not sell the pots anywhere? Or donate them or something, barrel fire or pit fire them?

Michael Mahan said...

What a nightmare.

Annbritt Schmützer said...

So sad. Next time, let them make a prepayment of the costs, after all, to develop prototypes!
Sincerely annbritt

Tim Ayers said...

Its very kind of you to withhold the name of said organization. I'd be tempted to damage their web presence. Have fun at Arrowmont! I rly like Pintz pots.

christy said...

We can't sell the pots, Linda, because they were awards for an event and they have an event name and categories stamped onto them. And we certainly don't want hard feelings with the organization that commissioned us to make the pots since we are all part of the same community.


judyrod said...
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Linda Starr said...

Sorry Christy, I guess I didn't realize the company info was so visible. Good of you to post this info though, thanks.

均琇均琇 said...
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