Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where have we been??

Hi Loyal Windy Ridge Readers!

We did not fall off of the planet; we've just been busy with non-pottery things for a bit. Like reading the Twilight books. I wish I was kidding. I know, English majors and Russian lit buffs should be reading more wholesome things, but once we started, we just couldn't stop until we found out if Edward and Bella were going to be together forever!

But as anyone who has spent time with a big bowl of popcorn and 2800 pages of paperback teen vampire novels knows, life does require a little more balance...

So...what, then, have we been up to?

Visiting Joe's family in Washington. His brother helped us put together a website, which will debut...whenever we get it finished.

Spending time with our niece. Never too early to get started with handmade pots, folks.

Doing in the mudroom! This (hopefully) completes the plumbing work in our house. We are so thankful to have a warm place to call home, especially as the snow piles up outside. Our woodstove has kept us cozy even on the coldest Wisconsin nights.

Joe has been helping our friends at Greenspirit Farm complete construction on a woodworking studio. With all the practice on our house, my man has become quite the electrician/framer/drywall installer! He has also been building an amp in the basement (now known as "The Man Cave") and starting to build up miles on the bike trainer in anticipation of a summer of road racing.

I have been putting in my time at (with apologies to Dean Bakopoulous) Worlds' Edge Clothing Company. Along with my usual triathlon training activities, I have also started lifting weights in a valiant attempt to not get smoked by elderly men, pregnant women, and obese wiener dogs on the run portions of my races this summer. I have been playing my guitar, too, but I have my eye on a mandolin. Our next few customers can think of their pottery purchases as contributions to the "Christy needs more bluegrass in her life" fund!

We took on a new cat. Tiger was left with few good options due to an unfortunate divorce combined with her unsavory habit of peeing on piles of laundry. We re-named her Peaches (she's not much of a Tiger), and she is slowly adjusting to the life of a barn cat. She gets to eat off of the finest woodfired pots (seconds!) but it's not exactly the indoor/city life anymore.

Winks and Miss Priss aren't thrilled with the new edition to the barn family, but we think they can sort out their differences. Miss Priss is jealous of any attention Peaches gets, so I let her come inside the house one afternoon. She was quite a good help with the taxes.

We are also in the process of getting a new pottery event started here in Mineral Point. Clay in May debuts May 1st! We'll tell you more in a later post, but here is a glimpse of creative minds at work sketching out logo ideas over (possibly more than a few) drinks. If you need graphic design work done, just stop by with a few bottles of wine and we'll be more than happy to help!

Aaron, Krista, and Joe

We are also getting work done in the studio. We'll regale you with some pottery/glaze tests soon!


Ron said...

Good to catch up!

cookingwithgas said...

Busy, busy!
I am torn between how cute the baby is and how cute the washer and dryer are!
Yea! Washer and Dryer!

ang said...

hi guys glad to see you have been busy, and haven't fallen off the planet..