Monday, September 28, 2009

Well tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of loading. For whatever reason though the time to stop making new pots came and went and I just kept on potting I don't really have a good explanation as to why. So tomorrow is loading day and I have a whole bunch of unglazed pots:

Luckily Christy came to my rescue last night and glazed a couple of boards of mugs that I hadn't gotten around to yet.

We're still running about a day behind schedule though. Which doesn't leave as much time for loading as I would like. We did of course do a Triathlon this weekend which could explain at least part of the day that we are behind

Christy and I decided to do one last Triathlon as a team (she swam, I biked, then she finished up with the run), a last hurrah before it got to cold. It was a small local event. We took before, during and after pictures for everybody. However Christy decided to edit out her during picture as she didn't think she looked "lady like" enough for all of you. I on the other hand have no qualms posting pictures of myself looking stupid.

the happy couple before:

Me during:
and hot and sweaty afterwards (along with me showing off my very white chest):

We both had a good time, however now I've really got my work cut out for me. I've still got some bowls to trim, and more pots to glaze.

Loading starts tomorrow. Well maybe tomorrow afternoon....


Ron said...

Wow, way to go with the Triathlon! Good luck with the loading. I know what you mean about having a hard time stopping making. That's the part I like the best so I could just do that non stop.

Michael Kline said...

This is a familiar scenario for me, too! No, not the triathlon, but the inability to stop making pots! Wow, I thought I was bad about waiting till the last minute. But good for you, doing the triathlon!The loading shouldn't be too bad after all that training. Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, triathletes. i like the fact that you couldn't stop yourself from making some more pots. not sure if it's only christy that runs but i've been recommending this book to everyone that runs... "born to run" by christopher mcdougall. it is amazing and will change the way you think about it.

cookingwithgas said...

and you two are just so darn cute!
Good looking couple!

judsculpt said...

Hello Joe and Christie, i haven't left a message before but with the mention of triathletes i felt compelled to leave one.
Good for you both in competing, I got the bug back years ago and took triathlons very seriously for 5 years and ented up competing in New Zealand in the world championships and ended up with a bronze in my age group which i was really chuffed with. Hope you enjoy them also but must be hard to do the training and work at a pottery as well.Regards Judy