Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A week in review

Well, a week went by and I've dropped the ball on keeping the blog updated. So here is your week in review through pictures:

Winks kept the busy keeping the slab roller warm as Christy worked on pots.

A couple of Christy's boxes in progress. As they are not my pots I can feel free to tell you all that they turned out great (hopefully they'll be even better after they are fired). I'm glad that Christy is still able to find time to make pots in between her two jobs.

I spent a good portion of this last week working on the house. The kitchen and bathroom both have some new floor joists and a new sub floor and are primed and just need to be painted and tiled. Here is a picture of the bedroom, which I'm in the process of patching up all the walls and ceiling. Lots of cracked plaster, and holes where we put new wiring in.

Finally the most exciting thing this week for me:

We got two new crates of shelves from Kohler! I drove up Monday morning to pick up the shelves and spent the night with my good friends Chris and Adream in Milwaukee. It has been a while since I've spent time with them and it was good to catch up, and meet the newest edition to the family Karina who was born this January... I would put in a picture of her here, but I forgot to bring my camera with me.
Anyways I spent this evening unloading all the shelves. pheew... Although I'm not nearly as fast as they are, the more time I spend biking the more my arms start to resemble the arms of Frank and Andy Schleck. Shown here showing off there "guns" after a stage of this years Tour de France.

Not a bad thing when your racing your bike over the French Alps... not so good though when you have two crates of 100 pound shelves to unload.

PS-Collin I responded to your comments in the comment section, drop me a line if you want Kohler contact info.

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jimgottuso said...

i bet those new shelves are dreeee-me.