Monday, June 15, 2009

shingling... who knew?

Who knew, shingling is actually kind of fun. Not as much fun as something like going for a bike ride, but as far as construction goes, it's not too bad. It was satisfying to see the shingles progress up the roof. Also it's not too stressful as it's pretty straight forward, and most mistakes are pretty easy to correct.
Here are a couple shots of the roof almost finished, just covering the ridge vent.

The roof is all done now. I got the replacement part for my wheel so hopefully I can get back to throwing pots today. We did go ahead and push the firing back a week. I just didn't seem worth going through all the work of a firing for only two weeks worth of pots.

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Anonymous said...

i agree about the shingling and did it myself last year. it gets a little hairier if the slope is steeper though