Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now that's some progress

Sorry everyone for the lack of blogging. I'm afraid I've been spending all my free time riding my bike and have been slacking off in the blogging department. There is a bike race June 21, which I'm not really prepared for, but am doing anyways. Hopefully I'll be fit enough to keep up with the big boys and not get dropped too early on in the race.
Progress continues though. I've finished up quite a few odds and ends that needed to get done before I start making pots. Quite a bit of work around the kiln, and some loose ends on the house that I wanted to finish up before I started making pots. Once I start making pots all those small tasks seems to fall to the wayside so I figured it was best to get them taken care of now while I still have them on my mind. I think today is the day to start making pots. It looks like we will fire the first week of July so not a whole lot of time to make pots. That's all right though, we will have another firing before the Fall Art Tour. This firing is just to keep our gallery from ever looking to bare during the summer.
The biggest change here at windy ridge is our new mudroom:

I'm always amazed by how fast framing goes. We hired a pair of men to frame up our mud room for us. I put up the pink insulation my self, but they did everything else that you see. It only took them a little over two days! Pretty incredible, especially when you consider that both men must be some where in there sixty's. They are coming back this coming week to finish putting the windows in, and put the siding up. For whatever reason they don't do shingles, so I get to learn all about putting up shingles. It doesn't look like it should be too complex, but I'm a little bit nervous as it seems like one of those things that could really come back to haunt you if you don't get it right. Nobody wants a leaky roof!
It will be great to have the house finally sealed up from the elements. No more birds in the attic, and no more rain water in the basement!


Anonymous said...

cool, progress... i remember last summer when i framed in the new room, i was also amazed at how fast it went up. it's misleading though because then the stuff that doesn't seem like it will take a long time takes forever. progress is progress though

Ron said...

Good for you guys hiring that out. I tell ya it takes me forever to get through something like that. Looks great!