Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well,... I think I'll stick by my previous statement

Remember when I said spring was on the way, and the grass was starting to look a little bit green? Well the grass has given up it's hint of green for something a little lighter in hue:

Spring must still be on the way though right? I mean it's April after all.

Well in happier news we are quickly approaching our firing date. I think I need to stop making pots some where in the middle of this week. Which is good since we are quickly running out of space (more shelves are high on the pottery to-do list) We are going to start loading the kiln Saturday. Hopefully start firing a week from this Tuesday.
In even happier news, our good friend and potter Julie Jones is going to drive up from North Carolina with a car load full of pots to help us with our second firing. Looks like we'll be firing the third chamber after all! Yeah Julie!
I'll close with a picture of a two piece pot that I just finished. My Uncle put in a request for a larger pot so I've been making some two piece pots, hopefully they'll come out of the kiln looking good.

I'm a little messy with the slipping and glazing when it comes to larger pots...

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Julie Jones said...

Please do what you can to get rid of that white stuff before I get there. :)