Saturday, April 18, 2009

The "Vote for your Bloat" Contest

We had hoped that the bloating would go away with the longer firing. However apparently 48 hours was not quite long enough. This does however offer us this exciting opportunity to offer up our first (and hopefully only) 'Vote for your Bloat' Contest. We've narrowed down the contestants to a select group, so look over your choices and then place your vote by commenting on this post or emailing christysfarm at gmail dot com.

Up first we have "The Hatchery," a lovely platter from the first chamber. Pictures don't really do this one justice. The bloats are large and many on this entry. What's lost in the composition of the bloats is more than made up by size and frequency. In order to prevent something grotesque from hatching out of the bloats on this platter, we smashed it shortly after snapping the photo. Safety first!

Next we have "The Hairy Eyeball," the little bloat that could. This little guy is dwarfed in size by our other contestants, however we in the selection committee feel as though this little guy may represent the single most expressive bloat out of the whole firing. It looks like a sinister eye bursting forth from an otherwise pleasant serving dish.

If the vote for your bloat competition was based purely on aesthetics and composition, we would have to close down the competition as this next number. "Poached Eggs" would win hands down. We chose to use this plate to serve our cheeseball on during last night's bonfire and beer gathering. The cheeseball nestled beautifully between the bloats. Quite remarkable, really.

Last we have "The Prepubescent Teen" who took the motto "quantity not quality" and ran with it. The bloats this little guy managed to produce were quite impressive.

Please feel free to take your time. We certainly had a hard time narrowing down our selection from the vast number of entries, the quality and variety of which were quite overwhelming.

We hope everybody has an opportunity to vote for their favorite bloat.
To recap your are your contestants:
-The Hatchery
-Harry the Hairy Eyeball
-Poached Eggs
-The Prepubescent Teen

Keep in mind this is a one time opportunity as we certainly don't ever plan on using pre-mixed clay again, and therefore don't see any other opportunities to hold a competition of this type. Good luck to our contestants and happy voting! We'll provide results early next week. And maybe we'll post some pictures of the good pots from this firing sometime soon, too!


brandon phillips said...

bummer, is it just the premixed that's bloating? sorry man, but i'm glad you are able to have a sense of humor about it!

i vote for poached eggs.

ang said...

outstanding effort....i vote for poached eggs, its the stand out piece for me..cheers ang well done..

cookingwithgas said...

I love poached eggs and think you could market that one!

Ron said...

I'm for the poached eggs too. The pic of the pots in the previous post looks great. I hope you post some more of those this week.

kathylarsen said...

Gosh, Poached Eggs is really running away with the prize. I better mix it up a bit and vote for The Hatchery. I am a firm believer in safety and the excitement that comes with doing something dangerous like smashing them open! :)

C said...

I'm voting "poached eggs" FTW. I'm a little surprised to see the contest SO lopsided...

It's such a good combination of 'hideous' and 'attractive'. I find it appealing on the one hand... yet I probably wouldn't eat any cheese-ball that had been sitting next to those pustules! ;-)

p.s. It's really too bad that last pot turned out with 'pizza-face'... I really like that one.

Julie Jones said...

I vote for the Hatchery. I feel the photo does not do this pot justice, it's a more tactile bloat. It's not just about outside appearances, it's what's on the inside that counts. I imagine the other pots would respectfully vote it Miss Congeniality.