Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gallery update

It was a whirlwind weekend of woodworking. Christy's parents were here both days, and we almost have the gallery put together. Here are the pictures.
The first one is of a pair of (almost finished) shelves for display. You can't see it very well from the picture, but one side is about twice as deep as the other. The narrow side is going to get a slight ledge in the front and be a shelf for dishes and plates to stand upright on.

In the foreground of the next picture is shelving/counter top space for pots. There will be a curtain below with storage for.... whatever. In the background is a table for packing material, promotional material and the like. We are also hoping this acts as a nice visual barrier to separate our private home space from our gallery. The gallery is fairly small, and I need one of those fish eye lens so you can actually see how everything fits together. Maybe when I have more energy I can explain it all. The open space in the upper right hand of the picture is the door way that leads into our living room. The red strips are just strap clamps that I was using to glue the birch plywood onto the other side of the desk, for those of you who were wondering.

This photo is of the smaller of the pair of shelves. With the laptop trying to be a boom box... and leaving something to be desired. We are lucky to have all this cherry wood. My father in law loves two things: wood working and finding bargain wood and tools at auctions and garage sales. He's a good father in law to have in times like these. The cherry came from an auction. It was tucked in a pile of white oak that he picked up for a bargain.
Tomorrow our cement guy comes and we will get ready to pour the basement floor. We're hoping to get the cement truck in and out before our gallery opens next weekend. We still need to get in something of a pathway through the mud pit that we call our yard right now, as well as get a porch/stair to get people up the 18" up to the gallery door. Looks to be a busy week ahead.



Anonymous said...

hey the el shaped shelves look great... i'm envious

Ron said...

yep, the shelves look great. Esp. like that last set the wide area on one end. Good luck moving ahead, you'll be ready enough I bet for the opening, it's impossible to get it all finished, but close is always good right?
I recently bought an inexpensive pair fo Phillips speakers to connect to the laptop. Helps a lot. All the best. Ron

brandon phillips said...

mmmmm....cherry. looks nice.