Monday, April 13, 2009

A few more loading pictures

We are almost done loading the kiln. We are done with the first and second chambers, and only need to load up what we can in the third chamber. I say "what we can" because we seem to be quickly running out of shelves. Here are a couple of pictures of the loading from the last couple of days.
Julie Jones finishing up the first stack of shelves in the second chamber:

Second chamber all done:

The front of the first chamber. I placed some larger unglazed pots in front of the shelves. I'm hoping with the grates higher up that we can build up some embers at the base of these pots. I really like the look of pots that combine the charring effects of ember beds, along with some fly ash build up.

The top of the front stack. The four unglazed vases on top are clay tests. We are hoping to get a nice clay that will accept fly ash and flash well.

Well, time to finish up lunch and load up the third chamber.

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