Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A couple more pots

We modified our corn ash glaze a little bit to help it melt at a more reasonable temperature. We realized after our first firing that the corn ash glaze really looked best at cone 11 or hotter. This version seems to be a little more reasonable. Here's a mug with the corn ash glaze, that collected a little ash from the firing.

Here's the corn ash glaze thinly painted over our new red slip. It has a nice kind of 'chun' effect where it's a little thicker. I'm sure you'll be see more of this combination in the future.

Here's our standard clear glaze over the red slip.

This is somewhat of a new decoration for me, I'm always pleased with my self when I come around to a new decoration.

This is obviously not exactly a new decoration for me... kind of an old favorite.