Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Covered Bowls

Well, I'm still pretty tickled to be making pots. I finished some lidded bowls today.

Funny I was so pleased with them now that I look at the picture the knob seems a little large on the bowl in front at least. Oh well. I started making bowls like this after seeing something similar that Bernard Leach made. I believe his lid was taller and came to more of a point, but that's what got me started at least.
Unfortunately my run of making pots is probably going to have to stop for a little while again. The door got installed today into the gallery and I should get back to that. I still need to finish the drywall, paint, put in steps up to the door, and build shelves. We'll see how much of that gets done before the firing, but I should do at least some of it now. I know that as the firing gets closer I'll get more and more focused on pottery and then there is no chance of the gallery getting worked on. So back to the dry walling, at least for a little while.


brandon phillips said...

i think the knob is too small, but of course i like fat knobs and fat handles....ah, the beauty of variety.

ang said...

i think they'll be good and yum, when all fired up...hope your gallery comes together well.

Joe and Christy said...

that is kind of the great thing about pottery isn't it? We both have different tastes in our own pots, but I imagine if we sat down together and looked at a bunch of pots we would agree on which pots really stood out as great pots, and which ones were a little weak.