Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little wintertime wood prep

After a couple of days of collecting wood from the woods, I decided now was a good as anytime to split it. I rented a log splitter for the weekend. Ended up making for a longer weekend than anticipated. I spent Saturday splitting and stacking wood.

After Saturday it became apparent that if I wanted to get everything split I needed to postpone the rest of the stacking and just split the wood while I still had the splitter.

Hopefully I'll get it all stacked tomorrow. After that it's back to work on the gallery space which is coming along nicely. Tomorrow a man is stopping by to talk about installing the exterior door into the gallery for me. Time is starting to run a little low, so it seemed like a good idea to bring in some help to get the gallery done sooner rather than later. The plan as it stands is to finish up the gallery sometime soon and then make pots until our firing in mid April (our gallery is scheduled to open May 1). Looks like there might be just time to fire the first two chambers again. One of these days we'll get that third chamber fired. It's a funny thing finally starting a pottery after all these years. The last year setting up the pottery has been by far the least amount of time I've had at the potters wheel in about ten years. Funny how things work out.


Mom/Pat said...

Wow! I can see you are busy getting all buffed up with that hard work after a couple of weeks sitting in the jury box. I'm so glad you are back in the fresh, healthy air!

mahanpots said...

Hey Joe,

Looks like you had your work cut out for you. I hope it was keeping you warm.

I just read your post about being a juror. Sounds like quite an experience. Something that would definitely affect one's mood, to say the least.

I imagine it might take a while to process it all.

My ex-wife was beaten up pretty bad by a felon at a prison a long time ago where she was teaching a class, and when I attended his court hearing where we was sentenced for the assault (with intent to rape), I actually felt sorry for him.

Good luck with the gallery.


Joe and Christy said...

it's funny. It was a horrible crime and I'm sure the man was guilty, but seeing his face after the guilty verdict I felt pretty bad for him as well.

Wood Splitter said...

Nice wood splitter! To bad you have to like dig out the logs from the snow to use it. ;-)

Michael Kline said...

Seeing that snow makes me want to do some skiing, but I guess I have other work that's a little more important. Thanks for reminding me that I should make a plan to finish my showroom as well. I'm sure as Spring comes along, folks will be getting out and about looking for pots.