Saturday, January 10, 2009

the Kitchen

The kitchen ceiling is finished. I didn't get a picture of it all yesterday after taping and mudding, but here is a picture of it after we screwed in all the drywall sheets. They are 12' long sheets and man are they heavy. Luckily our friends Aaron and Krista came over to help us lift them into place. Even with four of us it was still a workout holding them up and screwing them in place.

This mildly disorientating picture is what our ceiling looked like before. Acoustical tile over an old plaster ceiling (the metal lath is what the plaster was attached to).

I was hoping to attach the new dry wall over the old plaster ceiling, but as you can see in the photo, there is another wall spaced hole in the plaster. The plaster was sagging pretty bad there, so I had to tear it all down. Which ended up making it easier to wire up the new lights, so that was nice. Nasty job though. I would have to rank it right up there with angle grinding ash and salt build up off the arches of old kilns as one of the nastiest jobs out there.

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