Wednesday, January 21, 2009

House wiring

My Father was here for the week and we spent our time rewiring the house. At first we had just planned on re hooking up the power to the existing wiring. After a couple of days spent trying to figure out where all the wires came from and went, and putting power to them we decided to tear all the old wire out of the house. The old wiring was pretty old, and sometimes a little scary. Here are a couple of highlights:

We were sure this one was just some old wiring that somebody had not bothered to pull out before.... But nope it powered right on up when we put power to the masterbed room. No electrical box, not even any staples to hold the wires in place. This one was probably the scariest of the electrical work.

Unfortunately, this porcelain electrical box didn't have a matching porcelain cover. If it did I would defiantly be hitting ebay with it. I'm sure someone must be collecting these antiques.

Another porcelain electrical box with matching porcelain light socket.

This one was one of my favorites. The larger wire powers the master bedroom, the smaller fourteen gauge wire powers the addition that was added later. Two rooms lights and outlets. Pretty classic.

None of these wires had a ground wire in them either. We now have all new outlets with power to them and lights though out the house, with the exception of the gallery and spare bedroom. There is some remodeling that needs to be done to the gallery, I'll wire up the lights then. Progress continues.



Ron said...

Wow. Good move replacing that old wiring. You'll feel much more safe knowing you're up to date.

Michael Kline said...

That's pretty scary. We found that our house had some pretty sketchy plumbing, wiring, etc when we bought it. We've been redoing as we go along with reno projects. All the plumbing has been redone and some old wiring removed.

brandon phillips said...

when i purchased my house a couple years the wiring was original to 1944, looked much like yours. there were only 3 outlets in the whole house but lights in every room. all the wiring in the walls were cloth that were spliced into knob and tube in the attic. all run to a sixty amp breaker. we replaced it all bit by bit and now have legit electricity. i won't even get started on the plumbing! good luck!

Mac said...
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Mac said...
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