Thursday, January 29, 2009

Duty Calls

Well, apparently Joe didn't act drooly or bigoted enough at jury selection. He is now on his way to central Wisconsin for up to four weeks without tv, internet, cell phone, or his darling wife and oversized poodle. Fortunately he has lots of experience living in a hotel room, so that shouldn't be such a change (although we don't have a bailiff here at the Dairyland listening in to our phone calls and watching us do our laundry and eat and exercise.)

Aside from missing him (and those of you who work closely every day in a studio or on a building project with your significant other can imagine how much together-time we have!) all the things I'll have to do myself are slowly hitting me. I can't lift the lid of the test kiln on or off alone, I can't get the sliding barn door closed, I can't bring myself lunch at work when I forget it at home, I can't push my own car out of the driveway when I get stuck in a snowbank...Thank goodness for friends! (Keep your cell phones on, y'all!)



cookingwithgas said...

shoot! They could see he was a nice guy! Sorry you have to share him and yes it is hard to work alone after being a "partner". We will be thinking about you!

Julie said...

Oh, wow. I'm so sorry! I know you will miss him. I will be thinking about you.

ang said...

well the timing is just off!! hopefully the whole trial goes smoothly and quickly and is all over in 4 weeks.... will you get some kind of compensation for j duty?

Joe and Christy said...

yeah, the timing is terrible. and jury duty in WI pays all of 25$/day, which translates to $3.13/hour just for the time that the court is in session! crazy!