Thursday, December 11, 2008

slow progress

The bathroom has turned out to be more of an undertaking than I had first thought. I tore up the hardwood floor, and replaced some of the sub floor which had rotted underneath where the tub was. I laid down plywood on top of the sub floor with the hopes of tiling the whole thing before the tub and toilet get moved in. Neither Christy nor I can really figure out the history of the house, but the bathroom has definitely been put together after the house had been completed. The bathroom was wall papered. After removing the wallpaper we found out that each was finished differently. One wall was simply masonite with wall paper over it. One wall had two layers of drywall. I'll spare you the details on the other two walls just know that there were many forms of plywood like substances used. While removing all of this, all the acoustical tile on the ceiling fell. Well not quite all of them, but enough to warrant pulling down the rest of them. Above the tiles was a plaster ceiling which had a wall size gap in it. That's my guess at least. That the gap in the plaster is where an older wall was, somebody moved the wall and didn't want to bother with the plaster and stapling acoustical tiles was easier. So here is what our bathroom looks like. I should have gotten pictures of the floor.... but I didn't. There is still a small amount of metal lathe from the plaster that I need to remove. I'm glad to be able to finally start building instead of simply tearing it all down. I need to add a couple of 2x4's mainly to support the drywall. Then hopefully we'll drywall the ceiling, walls and tile the floor.
The electrician has been working on getting the power back up and running. Some of the wires were cut off at the basement, presumably to sell the copper. I pulled new wire through for the electricians. Whooo... steep learning curve, I've never worked on a house before. Everything seems to take so much longer when compared to this summer of construction.

Christy's been working six days a week these last couple of weeks. In all likelihood her job will be over come Christmas. I'm not going to make any predictions as to when we will be moved into the house. We are planning on having another firing in march though, so hopefully we'll have at least a couple of months to make pots for the firing. I'll be nice to make pots again. First things first though.

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