Tuesday, November 18, 2008

christy vs.the batteries

So, y'all, the house is officially on its foundation! The movers finished tweaking it into position on the foundation yesterday afternoon as the snow fell (and blew away). It fits! Except for the front entryway, but we can't be bothered with trifling details at this point. I did snap some photos, but I am having trouble loading them onto the computer. Our new camera is very literal--no ambiguous blinking lights here, folks-- and it sent me a last, desperate "CHANGE THE BATTERIES" message before dying as I tried to secretly snap an artsy shot of one of the house movers hunching behind a tree, trying to light his 200th Marlboro of the day in a gale force wind. I cannot figure out how to CHANGE THE BATTERIES, so the photos of the house will have to wait until my genius husband returns from his southeast kiln firing adventures. Pastel lovers, prepare yourselves. The yellow house and pink basement insulation will knock your socks off.
In the meantime, here a few pictures of wall boxes taken by our friend and talented photographer Ris Fleming-Allen. I really like the soft depth of the glaze on the boxes in the top photo.

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ang said...

v. nice brush work accentuated by some yum firework...