Friday, October 10, 2008

Seagrove Politics

I'm not sure how many of you keep up with the all the happenings in Seagrove, but there has been quite a bit of drama there this last year. Tom Grey has written a wonderful essay explaining the situation, you can read that here. Tom's essay is obviously a little biased, but I believe a vast majority of potters in Seagrove are in agreement with him. It's amazing how just a few bad apples can wreck it for the whole comunity. It sounds like things are on the up and up, and the potters are really pulling together to make things better. It's too bad Christy and I aren't there anymore to see it all take place in person.


cone10 said...

J&C - you're spending your time far more wisely not being too close. We're excited for ya'll and are impressed with the progress you've made over the summer. Looking forward to the pictures of your first firing. btw - I'm a bit envious you have a copy of Pioneer Pottery. I'm always broke when I see a copy in decent condition for sale.

blaine and laura said...

we miss you guys--wish you could be here for the positive part of what's been happening! has anything else happened with your house?

Joe & Christy said...

I am pretty lucky to have a copy of Pioneer Pottery, though there isn't any reason you cann't have one either. They are back in print: