Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Loading starts

Well we haven't actually started loading yet... a little lunch first. We spent the morning cutting shelves, since we designed the kiln for 14"x28", we had to cut shelves to make it all fit. Kind of a pain, but I can't really complain about free kiln shelves. I also cut a hand full of bricks to use as posts. Here's the layout for the first chamber:We'll stack larger pots in front of the shelves.
We also fired our stoking plugs yesterday. We managed to blow up two of the plugs in the firing, luckily I had made six of them so we should be alright. They did warp slightly around the handle so the fit is not quite as tight as I would like. They should be fine for the first firing.

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EF said...

Free shelves!
Please tell me how I could (not that I could afford to ship them to Germany!)but...