Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Studio Time

We got some time in the studio today, preparing glazes and clays that we will test in our little electric-turned-gas test kiln later this week. We're planning to come up with a few ash and local rock glazes to use in the first firing along with the more commercial-material-based glazes we developed in NC.

It's had to get a good picture of our studio space, which is basically two small rooms framed off inside of an old metal machine shed. My dad did the work on it for us, so you can be sure it is sturdily built and well insulated. It is plywood, and the floor is crushed lime, so we have a little brown monochrome thing going on at the moment. Soon enough we'll fill it with pots, though. As my mom pointed out yesterday, if we're planning to fire in a month, we better get going right away!

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