Friday, August 22, 2008

The First Chamber is Ready For Bricks

Big day at Windy Ridge! We cast the key for the second chamber which was very good to get done.
We also finished the form for the first chamber, which I'm pretty pleased about. I thought I had gotten myself in over my head a couple of times these last few days trying to build the front chamber a shape I've never built before. We got it figured out though, with a little bit of ingenuity from Christy and a little fudging with the masonite. Hopefully we can start bricking it up tomorrow!

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Mom/Pat said...

An impressive looking work of art! For us non-pottery types,however, you need to put a glossary of terms for some of the things you are doing. What is a key?

I love the picture of you "hugging" your kiln, Joe - just like a proud papa!